PRMS Absence Procedures for Staff

Please check the PRMS Absence Calendar before submitting requests for days off to make sure there are not too many staff absent on one day. To request an absence you will need to use the absence management system and let an administrator and the office staff know your plans. (To use the absence management system you need your user ID and PIN. If you have lost these contact Mrs. Sands in the front office.) 
6:00AM Deadline for Absence Approval - Staff needs to notify admin by 6:00 am for an absence to be approved
Three ways to Create an Absence 
1. Login to Absence Management - visit Frontline Absence Management - and sign in using the User ID and PIN provided to you.
2. Call Automated Phone Line at 800.942.3767 - you must know your ID & PIN. 
3. Call Employee Engagement at 877.983.2244, then Option 2. (Available weekdays 6AM-6PM only.)
If you have issues with your staff to login you will need to contact Frontline or ESS [email protected]
Travel or Professional Development 
If you will need to be reimbursed for any costs associated with an absence see Mrs. Sands in the office. You will need to complete travel request forms and they must be approved at least three weeks before your trip. 

If a substitute is requested, a Travel Approval Form must be completed and submitted to the bookkeeper, even if another school or entity is funding the travel. This includes in-school events if you are away from classroom instruction (such as virtual professional development). Mrs. Sands will need to go over the form with you so please see her.