Mission, Vision, and Beliefs

The Mission of Pine Ridge Middle School is to empower and inspire all students to become critical thinkers who make positive contributions to our community through targeted learning opportunities. 
Pine Ridge Middle School will be recognized and serve as a Model Professional Learning Community School.

PRMS Beliefs and Goals
At Pine Ridge Middle School we believe that the fundamental purpose of our school is help students achieve high levels of learning, and therefore, we will assess all of our instructional practices in light of their impact on student learning. The shared goals that support our belief will include the following:
  1. Through an efficient, positive, focused Data Team Process, we will continually assess students in a variety of ways to both inform instruction and provide specific recommendations for S.T.I.N.G., POP, MLC and other academic programs to increase student achievement.
  2. A Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports system will be adopted school-wide to promote consistent and clear high expectations for student and staff behaviors as well as standardized positive and negative consequences.
At Pine Ridge Middle School we are committed to achieve our purpose of learning for all students by cultivating a collaborative culture through development of high-performing teams. The shared goals that support our belief will include the following:
  1. PRMS teachers data teaming during STING Plus.
  2. Participate in monthly Academic, P.B.I.S., Department, Grade-level, and Data team Professional Learning Communities.
  3. Conduct bi-weekly peer observations and share positive, constructive feedback through the “Lexington Two Instructional Snapshot”
Promote faculty and staff accountability by adhering to PBIS Matrix of G.O.L.D. standards for Faculty and Staff.

At Pine Ridge Middle School we believe parent and community involvement is essential for students to achieve academically and become productive citizens. Therefore, our focus is to build and nurture parent and community relationships while offering opportunities to gain awareness and support for our mission of educating our shared students. These goals include the following:
  1. Hold parent and community events.
  2. Contact parents through a variety of media.