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PRMS Honor Rolls 2018/2019

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Lexington Two Academic Scholars

Lexington Two is proud of our academic scholars and committed to offering students and parents opportunities  to learn about scholarships and Advanced Placement course offerings in high school. The PRMS Guidance and Careers department offer student workshops and informational meetings for parents during the year.  See the below links for more information.  

PSAT Information

South Carolina Junior Scholars

Duke TIPs

Myrdis Walker Scholars

PRMS Junior Scholars 2017 
Tiffany Lin, Jordan Jacques, Jillian Jacques, and Jennifer Hughes. 
PRMS Myrdis Walker Scholars 2017 
Pine Ridge Middle School and Lexington Two honored PRMS students at the district Myrdis Walker Scholars 14th Annual Induction Ceremony on February 15th. Scholars have been identified as gifted or have a class rank in the top fifteen percent of their class. Honorees include students Aisha Albert, Jasmine Boston, Ja'mese Corbitt, Amayah Harmon, Marques Hudson, Sa'Nyiah James, Michael Lykes, Arianna Pee, Naizja Redding, Kendall Singleton, Micah Taylor, and Brandon Walters.
PRMS Duke TIPS Scholars 2017/2018 
Jhamya Alston, Benjamin Barrs, Lily Branton*, Jennifer Chavez-Jarquin, Johana Cruz-Vargas, Lenere Cummings, Matthew Davis, Sarah Gabino, Ashley Gamboa-Clara, Casey Lindner, Joshua Lindner, Octavio Martinez, Samari Pearson, Margaret Petermann*, Anderson Richbourg, Elizabeth Schaffer, Jace Schneider, Najee Simpson, Mary Stewart*, and Gracyn Whitaker*.
* State Recognition for high SAT or ACT scores.
2017/18 Academic Challenge Team Finish Season Undefeated
The PRMS 7th grade Academic Challenge Team went through the Midlands Lower Division for smaller middle schools undefeated. Team members: Maggie Petermann, Marley Stewart, Lily Branton, Averi Vann, Joshua Lindner, Casey Lindner, Elizabeth Schaffer, Emily Slice, Caitlyn Miller, and Gracyn Whitaker; the team is coached by PRMS Social Studies teacher Jana Locklair.
PRMS 2018/2019 Honors & Accomplishments


Pine Ridge Middle School Social Studies teacher Diana Tanner attended a history teachers workshop on the USS Yorktown and spent the night on the ship this summer. She also attended a Facing History workshop about the Holocaust.  

Pine Ridge Middle School science teacher Amanda Chapman wrote and received a Colonial Life Strong Schools Grant.

PRMS Career Specialists Lynn Bouknight completed the requirements for the NCDA's (National Career Development Association) new Certified School Career Development Advisor credential. She is among one of the first in in the nation to receive this new designation.

Pine Ridge Middle School health teacher and Rise Above it faculty advisor received an award for excellence from the Rise Above it Coalition on Monday, October 8th.
Congratulation to PRMS athletes who have been named to the All PAC Team for their perspective sports. Football: 8th graders Foster Barrs and Presley Reeves; Volleyball: 7th Grader Madelyn Rivers, and 8th graders Harley McIver, Elizabeth Schaffer and Jennifer Chavez.

PRMS Health teacher Susan Pipkin recently completed her Education Specialist Degree in Educational Leadership.