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PRMS Parent Technology Information

PRMS Chromebook Information
PRMS is excited to be offering our students one-to-one access to technology with our Chromebook tablets. This page contains general information about the tablets, their use, and district policies. Click here to see a brochure from Google, Guardian's Guide to Chromebooks [Google for Education]
Student Chromebook Information
See the Student Chromebook Information page for tips, including how to set it up on home WiFi.
Tablet Protection Plan
An optional $25 insurance policy against damage is being offered to parents. Pay for the insurance through Parent Portal, the school online payment system, or come by the office. Note that insurance does not cover loss, theft or deliberate damage.
Tablet Repair Charges
If tablet insurance is not purchased, the student will be responsible for the full cost of repair or replacement.

Typical repair cost estimates:

  • Full Chromebook - $300
  • Chromebook case - $40
  • Total cost for lost Chromebook and case - $340
  • Damaged glass screen, hinge, frame or keyboard - $100
  • Charger set - $24
GOLD Tablet Care Tips
General tips for taking care of the tablets
  • Students will need be sure the tablet is fully charged each day for school use.
  • Do not crimp the charge cable or try to force the cable into the tablet port.
  • Turn off the tablet when not in use.
  • Keep food and liquids away from the tablet.
  • Always have the cover on when carrying the tablet or when it is in your backpack.
  • Do not put pressure on the screen by putting things between the cover and the screen. Do not drop or step on your backpack if the tablet is inside.
  • Keep the cover clean. Do not write on the cover or put stickers on it. The tablets are school property.
  • Do not leave the tablet in a car or in a public place.
Tips for saving battery life
  • Keep screen brightness as low as possible.
  • Close out apps that you are not using.
  • Do not play games or videos while at school.
District Technology Policy
All Lexington School District Two and Pine Ridge Middle School discipline rules apply to student use of electronic devices and school tablets. Copies of the district policy are linked here.