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School Supplies

Basic school supplies your student will need for the 2019/2020 school year are listed here - PRMS 2019/20 School Supplies (PDF) or PRMS 2019/20 School Supplies (RTF) 


Back Pack Safety

Getting ready for the new school year usually means shopping for a new backpack. See Back Pack Safety tips here.


Summer Reading
Students do not have a specific summer reading assignment, instead, we ask that they read anything that interests them. Visit the Lexington County Public Library for free reading materials and fun summer activities at libraries across Lexington County.
Interested in Sports?
All student athletes must turn in a completed and signed sports physical examination form before they will be allowed to participate in school sports. Go to our PRMS Yellow Jackets Athletics page for the form and more information. Check out our PRMS Sports Twitter page for practice and game information. 


PRMS iPad Air 2 Information  

Learn about student iPads, the iPad insurance Lex 2 offers and technology discipline policies. 


Parent Portal (from PowerSchool)

Parent Portal allows parents and students to login to the student records system at school and see grades, attendance and teacher comments. A username and password are required for access. This is usually given to parents and students at the beginning of the school year. It can also be requested from the school office but can not be given out over the telephone. 


Parent Portal Family Account

The Power School parent login system allows parents with more than one student enrolled in Lexington Two to have only one login for all their children. A parent account can register multiple students and access their information under that account. Students will use their individual logins to the portal.


ACORN Parent Portal Fee Payment System

Parent Portal also has a fee payment system called ACORN that is available once you login using your parent login. Look for the link to pay fees on the main Parent Portal page. You can use debit or charge cards; to use cash, checks or money orders pay in the main office. Note that school fees will be prioritized for payment automatically by the system. If you wish to pay a specific fee you may need to come to the school office. 


Cafeteria Debt Policy

Per district policy, students with cafeteria debts of $25 or more will be served an alternate meal.  See details on the Lexington 2 Meal Service Procedure flyer. (Spanish version Lex 2 Meal Service Procedure)



Community Information 


Lexington County Sheriff's Office 

See the Civilian Safety Awareness webpage at to learn more about this free program.


Rise Above It Lexington Two Community Coalition

Learn about the Rise Above It Coalition and our community's commitment to creating a safe and drug free environment.


MEBA Parent Resource Guide - a guide to helpful resources for Lexington Two students and families is available at the bottom of the page.    


Strengthening Families Program

Interested in a free evidence-based parent and family strengthening program for any family with a child between 6 and 11 years old? See the flyer at the bottom of the page for information. 


Good Samaritan Clinic 

The Good Samaritan Clinic is a faith-based 501(c)3 organization offering free health care for the Hispanic community in three Midlands locations. Click the link to see more about this community service.


Earthquake Information

One of the many safety drills practiced at PRMS is for earthquake safety. For more information see this SC Earthquake Guide from the SC Emergency Management Division and an Earthquake Drill Safety poster


Low Cost Home Internet

See the Access attachments at the bottom of the page for information about a low cost home Internet program available from AT&T. The flyers are in both Spanish and English.