Mrs. Arvay


I started working in education as a middle school Earth Science teacher, then moved to high school where I taught Physical Science. My true love, though, has been reading since my early school years. I would read anything growing up – the back of cereal boxes, magazines, comics, the encyclopedia. I love sharing the joy of reading with students. My favorite thing is to put a book in someone’s hand and have them come back and tell me they loved it and want more.


Here at PRMS I work to keep our collection up to date and aligned with the curriculum so teachers have quality sources of information and our students learn to think critically. I also help students and teachers with technology and equipment.


I have been the Media Specialist at PRMS since the fall of 2003 and have three degrees from USC - a BS in Biology, an MAT in teaching, and an MLIS in Library Science. 


Check out our PRMS library web page for a bunch of resources.