8th Grade IGP Information

What is an Individual Graduation Plan (IGP)?
An academic and career plan all students beginning in 8th grade are required to create with the school counselor, student and parent.
• Teacher course recommendations are discussed. Elective courses and a career goal are chosen.
• IGPs guide and track high school coursework towards meeting graduation requirements, post-secondary education and career goals. (Required by the State Department of Education.)
• If your child has an IEP or requested a translator, we will contact you to schedule the appointment.
Ways to schedule your conference:
  1. Click here to sign up for an IGP conference with the school counselor -- IGP Conferences Online Sign-up (8th grade only), OR
  2. During one of the IGP information session Feb. 19th, at 5:15pm or the 21st at 8:00am, OR
  3. Sign up can also be done by completing the attached IGP form and returning it. (Forms were sent home 2/14 and are available in the office.)