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6th and 7th Grade Math

My name is Jeanne Yenco and I have had the honor and privilege of teaching math at Pine Ridge Middle School since 2010.  I was Teacher of the Year in 2016 and I serve as the Math Department Head and STEM Instructional Coach for the school.  I have not always been a teacher, but I have always loved to teach children.  My "prior" life -  before teaching -  includes being an Engineer for General Electric, AT&T, and several government agencies. I have also served as the Chief Financial Officer for a local transportation company and helped many small businesses with their bookkeeping needs.  I absolutely love teaching math and helping students understand the value in knowing and understanding how numbers work.
I am married to my high school sweetheart and am a mom to three kiddos - Dallas 25, Erica 21 and Brandon 16.  They are all very different and very amazing.  Dallas is a graduate of USC and currently the Contemporary Music Leader for St. John's Methodist Church in Rock Hill, SC and teaches guitar lessons full time.  Erica is graduating Clemson University December 2017 and following her passion of helping people by heading on to Physician's Assistant school.  Brandon is a sophomore at Chapin High School and is our athlete.  He is a starter for the JV Basketball team and plays basketball year round.
My teaching philosophy is very simple and summed up by this quote "Students do not care how much you know, until they know how much you care." Once they know I care about them and their future, then they open up their heart and mind and I can teach them. Middle School is a wonderful and awkward time  - but I love this age and helping young people find their dreams and strengths.  They all have such unique things to offer the world and I want them to believe in themselves the way I believe in them. They are, after all,  the future!.
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