Tablet Parent Information

Introducing Lex 2 Next
The Lex 2 Next video below explains how the iPads will be used and the optional insurance policy that is available.

Lex2Next Presentation 16-17.mp4

Tablet Protection Plan
An optional $25 insurance policy against damage is being offered to parents. Information and the application are available in the school office.   You can elect to pay the $25 in installments. (Print and complete the Tablet Payment Plan form and send the initial payment to the office.) Note that insurance does not cover loss or theft of an iPad or deliberate damage. 

Tablet Repair Charges
If tablet insurance is not purchased, the student will be responsible for the full cost of repair or replacement. 
Typical repair cost estimates: 
  •  Full iPad- $430
  •  iPad case - $50
  •  Total cost for lost iPad and case - $480
  •  Damaged glass screen - $150
  •  Charger set - $35   
District Technology Policy 
All Lexington School District Two and Pine Ridge Middle School discipline rules apply to the tablets. Copies of the district policy are linked here.