PRMS State Department of Education Student Survey


You are being asked your opinions about your school. There are no right or wrong answers. When you read each item, think about the entire year rather than a specific event or something that happened once or twice. Please provide honest and true answers so that we can change and improve our school. 

There are four choices for each sentence. Decide whether you agree, mostly agree, mostly disagree, or disagree with each sentence. Do your best to decide. If you do not know anything about the subject, you can skip the sentence and go on to the next one.


1. Click on this link to the SC State Department of Education web page -

2. Scroll down to the Hot Topics section on the left. Click the Student Opinion Survey ; a new page will open. 

4. Select the Start Survey button.

5. Enter your seven-digit SIDN and select the Submit button.

6. When asked to verify if the correct school name is displayed, select the Yes button to proceed or the No button to enter a new SIDN.

7. Click the start button to begin taking the survey and then select the correct grade. 

8. Use the Next and Previous button to move through the survey.

9. Select the Finish button to complete the survey.