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PRMS Staff Absence Calendar

Procedure for Normal Absences:

Whenever possible, requests to use leave should be submitted in writing (email) to the employee's supervisor at least three school days in advance of the absence to secure approval and a substitute in advance. It is required that supervisors must pre-approve the use of three or more consecutive leave days. (BOARD POLICY)

1. Create the absence on the shared calendar ( Mrs. Smith will add substitute). 
2. If a sub is not needed please put N/A next to your name
3. Put substitute request in ASEOP (if one is needed)
4. Turn in absence paperwork to Mrs. Smith prior to being out.

Procedures for Travel Absences:
PLAN PLAN PLAN well in advance (be able to explain reason).

1. Fill Travel Approval and/or Advance Request Form give to Mrs. Smith. 
2. Put substitute request in ASEOP (if one is needed)
If a substitute is needed follow the direction above.

Once back from travel you have 10 days to fill out Travel Support Document
*Professional Development—If there is a conference you want to attend you will need to contact Morgan Platt at so he can check to see if the State deems it PD.
**This may take up to two weeks for approval