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Absence Calendar, Procedures

Procedure for Normal Absences:

Whenever possible, requests to use leave should be submitted in writing (email) to the employee's supervisor at least three school days in advance of the absence to secure approval and a substitute in advance.  It is required that supervisors must pre-approve the use of three or more consecutive leave days. (BOARD POLICY)

1. Create absence on the calendar. Mrs. Smith will add substitute information.

2. If a sub is not needed please put N/A next to your name.

3. Put the substitute request in ASEOP (if one is needed)

4. Turn in Absence Report Form paperwork to Mrs. Smith prior to being out.

Procedures for Travel Absences:

PLAN PLAN PLAN well in advance; be able to explain the reason. Note that for professional development, if there is a conference you want to attend you will need to contact Morgan Platt at so he can check to see if the State deems it PD.

1. Get the Travel Approval and/or Advance Request Form from Mrs. Smith, complete and then return them to her. (It may take up to two weeks for approval.)

2. Put substitute request in ASEOP (if one is needed).

3. Use the absence procedures above to add your name to the Absence Calendar.

Once back from travel you have 10 days to fill out Travel Support Document

Link to Lex 2 Google Calendar

Click the above link to access the your Lex 2 Google calendar. Then select the Absence calendar that has been shared with you by Mrs. Smith to add dates. 

You must be logged in to your Lex 2 Gmail to view the calendar calendar below.