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Palmetto Silver Award

PRMS was awarded the South Carolina State Department of Education's Palmetto Silver Award for the 2013/2014 school year for closing the achievement gap. PRMS was awarded the Palmetto Silver Award again in 2014/2015 for both general performance and closing the achievement gap. 
See Palmetto Gold and Silver Program for more information. 
 2015 South Carolina ASCD Whole Child Award
The 2015 South Carolina ASCD Whole Child Awards were presented by State Superintendent of Education Molly Spearman during the SCASCD Fall Conference in Columbia on Friday, October 2nd. Pine Ridge Middle School and Principal Brad Coleman were honored as one of four schools statewide to win an award. 

 State Report Card 

Pine Ridge Middle School had a 100% satisfaction rating from staff surveys, 84.7% rating from parents and 84.5% from students in 2016.  See this link for more information - South Carolina School State Report Cards

Lexington Two Academic Scholars

PRMS Junior Scholars 2016 
Jordan Shetrone, Tori King, Alex Jacques, Sydney Coleman, and Kalyn Liscusky

PRMS Duke TIPS Scholars 2016 
Kaelyn Singleton, Katie Keith, Jasmine Boston, Tyler Dasher, Alejandra Gabino, Campbell Garner, Aiden Henry, Katlyn Kozlowski, Tiffany Lin, Michael Lykes, Christopher Moss, Arianna Pee, Alonso Quezada, Kylie Suggs, Micah Taylor, Bryan Tenjhay, Caitlyn Miller, Mark Ritchie, Kalise Truss, Samari Pearson, and Jeremy Austin.

Lex 2 Honors Myrdis Walker Scholars 2016 
Pine Ridge Middle School and Lexington Two honored seven PRMS students at the district Myrdis Walker Scholars 13th Annual Induction Ceremony on February 16th. Scholars have been identified as gifted or have a class rank in the top fifteen percent of their class. Honorees include Victoria Dunbar, Mariah Hairston, Tobias Holloway, Madyson Royal, Zemarion Shivers, Kaelyn Singleton, and Jayshawn Washington.

2016/17 Academic Challenge Team Win Second Place in State Competition
The PRMS Academic Challenge team competed in the state finals in Camden on March 16th after qualifying by winning their regional competition. They played Lakeview Middle School in the semi-final match and won by 26 to 24. They then advanced to the finals and played AR Rucker Middle School.  PRMS fell to defeat and ended their season in second place in the Middle School Division II bracket. 
PRMS Teacher Coaches Gotterbarm and Locklair are extremely proud of their team, not only in their excellent performance but also in their outstanding representation of sportsmanship. Congratulations to 8th grade team members Darion Grant, Gavin Lombardi, Josh Koon, Jordan Shetrone, Tobias Holloway, Josh Parga, Kaylin Liscusky, Sydney Coleman, Victoria Dunbar, and Garrett Priester. 

 Honor Rolls
 The State newspaper will post online Honor Rolls after each quarter in their online Neighbors section. 


2015/2016 PRMS boys and girls track teams were the Lexington Two District Champions for the third year in a row. The girl's team was coached by PRMS teacher Kevin Winch and the boy's team is coached by PRMS teacher Corey Holcombe. 

The 2016/2017 PRMS volleyball team finished the regular season with a 10-4 record and placed 2nd in the district and PAC East.

The PRMS girls 2016-17 basketball team finished the season with a 13-3 record. They won the District Championship, going 6-0 against district opponents. The PRMS boys basketball team finished 4-10 for the season.

2016/17 PRMS 
football finished 
 2-5 for the season.  


September 2016
PRMS Honors & Accomplishments

PRMS science teachers Amanda Chapman, Amanda Blackwell and Shaun Mathis attended STEP into Science Teaching hosted by USC's Center for Science Education. This is an ongoing grant-funded collaboration between the USC College of Education, USC Center for Science Education (Arts and Science), and multiple high-need school districts. The project provides opportunities for 6th, 7th, & 8th grade science teachers to observe “model” inquiry-based teaching to middle grades students and practice teaching.

PRMS Science teacher Amanda Chapman also attended Standards Based Integrated Instruction (SBII). The mission of SBII is to increase K-8 teachers’ content knowledge in the new 2014 South Carolina Science Standards and the South Carolina College- and Career-Ready Standards for Mathematics through a series of professional development workshops that incorporate Project Based Learning strategies and technology practices. 




Pine Ridge Middle School students who have chosen the Health Sciences career traveled to Midlands Technical College Airport Campus to tour the facilities and attend sessions regarding careers in Health Science.  It was an exciting trip and students participated in hands on activities that will prepare them for future careers in Health Science. Students included Holden Williams, Amaya Epperson, Lluviesla Quiroga, McKenzie Monts, Katie Keith, Mariah Hairston, Deeya Patel, Andie Suggs, Landen Smith, and Johrdan Corley

Pine Ridge Middle School Career Specialist Lynn Bouknight took ten students to the Darla Moore School of Business for a field trip to tour the facility and surrounding areas of the USC campus October 14th. The College of Hospitality and Tourism, the Horseshoe and lunch at the Preston House on campus was enjoyed by all!

PRMS student Carmen Mejia won the City of Cayce Holiday Card Contest. Her artwork will be used for the official Cayce Christmas card this year. Carmen accepted the award from Cayce Mayor Elise Partin. 

Thursday, January 12th, Pine Ridge Middle School Career Specialist Lynn Bouknight took a group of 8th graders to Clemson to learn about Production Studies. They attended a play and went behind the scenes to learn about the Productions Studies Major. They also had a question and answer session with students and faculty from Clemson University. Students included Victoria Dunbar, Kaylin Liscusky, Mary Pipkin, Alex Jacques, Reese Williams, Diamond Walker, Gavin Lombardi, Kaylin Jones, Kaelyn Singleton, Erica Woodhams, Tyler Dail, Jose Guzman, and Jennifer Collin. PRMS Drama teacher Lauren Amick accompanied the group.


Pine Ridge Middle School's seventh and eighth grade Academic Challenge teams won all three matches Jan. 10th to start off their season. Both teams defeated Mayewood and Hillcrest Schools from Sumter County and The Continuous Learning Center of Kershaw County. Eighth grade team members are  Kaylin Liscusky,  Josh Parga,  Jordan Shetrone,  Tobias Holloway,  Gavin Lombardi,  Josh Koon,  Victoria Dunbar,  Garrett Priester,  Darion Grant,  and Sydney Coleman. Seventh grade team members include Lily Branton,  Alejandra Hernandez,  Jennifer Hughes,  Jillian Jacques,  Jordan Jacques,  Kaitlyn Kozlaski,  Tiffany Lin,  Oscar Ortega Lopez,  Gracie Martin,  and Bryson Moss. 

Mrs. Gotterbarm’s seventh and eighth grade science classes at PRMS were visited by The Gene Machine Mobile Science Laboratory on February 1st. Students were able to participate in educational scenarios where they had the opportunity to learn about genetic traits and disorders, understand the lab techniques used in making a diagnosis, and consider the ethical implications of testing. They participated in two labs to determine the cause of poisoning in the cases they investigated.

Midland’s Technical College’s Educational Talent Search Program is working with PRMS Career Counselor Lynn Bouknight and PRMS students this year. The program encourages and prepares students for secondary enrollment by providing students in grades 6-12 activities through group workshops that includes goal setting, self esteem, career exploration and cultural awareness activities. 

PRMS student Bandi Lamears was the school winner in the Seratoma Club’s annual essay contest. She wrote a five hundred word essay on the topic,‘What Freedom Means to Me’. She will be presented with an award certificate at dinner on March 14th accompanied by her Social Studies teacher, Jane Kingsland. 

Pine Ridge Middle School and Lexington Two honored seven PRMS students at the district Myrdis Walker Scholars 13th Annual Induction Ceremony on February 16th.  Scholars have been identified as gifted or have a class rank in the top fifteen percent of their class. Honorees include Victoria Dunbar, Mariah Hairston, Tobias Holloway, Madyson Royal, Zemarion Shivers, Kaelyn Singleton, and Jayshawn Washington.

The PRMS Science Olympiad Team traveled to Newberry College on February 18th to attend the state competition. PRMS finished 8th out of a field of 23. Team coaches are teachers Maureen Gotterbarm and Jana Locklair. The following team members placed in their events: Rose and Lily Branton, 6th place for Anatomy and Physiology and 1st place for Fast Facts; Rose Branton and Zephan Schmidt, 4th place for Rocks and Minerals; Rose Branton and Mark Ritchie, 5th place for Microbe Mission; Zephan Schmidt, 6th place for Scrambler; Antonia Alvarez and Campbell Gardner, 1st place for Mission Possible. Rose Branton is a returning member currently at AHS and competed with us in her last year of eligibility in the middle school division. We will miss her skill and leadership next year. Special mention goes to Jordin Pineda as the best dressed team member and Mr. Garner for his help with Microbe Mission.